Twitter Announces SnappyTV Acquisition

SnappyTV won't be shut down and absorbed by Twitter

Twitter has acquired SnappyTV, a company that offers a robust suite of tools that enable organizations to edit, share, and archive live video and TV programming within the cloud.

“One of the best ways to follow events as they unfold is through real-time videos on Twitter. As we continue to invest in video, it’s important for us to provide tools that make it easy for TV broadcasters, businesses, and event producers to share high-quality videos. To that end, we’ve agreed to acquire SnappyTV,” starts off Twitter’s announcement signed by Baljeet Singh, product management director.

The tool provided by this company is already being used by brands and Twitter’s media partners to share video clips on Twitter, both organically and via Twitter Amplify, so the acquisition makes sense.

The microblogging platform says that it will continue to invest in SnappyTV’s product and integrate it within Twitter, while also maintaining its partners’ ability to post high-quality videos to other platforms.

“Our goal is to help publishers quickly share great moments from events so people can experience these moments as they happen.”

For its part, Snappy TV explains that, as a company, they believe in the importance of mobile as a way for people to share important moments, and in the value of social so that people could experience those moments together.

The partnership between the two companies has helped bring highlights from major events from world championships, for instance, as well as award shows or presidential elections straight to users’ timelines.

“Joining Twitter will allow us to provide an even better product and bring the platform to more content owners and event organizers throughout the world. We will be able to further our goal of empowering people to share the world’s best moments,” writes SnappyTV’s team.

Thanks to SnappyTV, Twitter has been able to provide users with native, one-tap playback of videos. Content owners can sync social content to TV content, including the real-time highlights from live events that the two companies were talking about in their announcements.

It will be interesting to see what Twitter intends to do with the newly-acquired company, especially since this isn’t the first social TV startup it purchases this year.

In fact, back in March, it bought Mesagraph and SecondSync, both vowing to help expand the network outside the United States by working with TV networks, agencies, advertisers, producers, and integrators.

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