Twitter Adds SMS Password Reset Option

Twitter increases your security through a new helpful step

Twitter has modified its security options to enable users to change their passwords with the help of their phones, which should help them better protect their accounts.

The new measure helps users reset their password through SMS, but there’s an alternative to enter an email address or account name to receive the reset credentials by email.

In order for this to be possible, you need to associate a mobile phone number to the Twitter account, which is quite easy and intuitive. When the phone connection has been activated, you should make sure to fiddle with the text notifications settings in order to avoid receiving things you don’t want on your phone, such as mentions, and interactions.

The system works quite easy. You can request a password reset via text message or email straight from the sign in page on the platform. You can do this by accessing the website via browser, whether you do it from a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Then, you can type in a mobile phone number to receive the info via SMS, or the email address or username to receive it via email.

In this case, you’ll receive a text with a code that you can enter on the Twitter sign in page and get redirected to a place where you can reset your password. The company has made it easy to go through the entire process with step-by-step instructions.

Since there have been quite a few issues in the past, Twitter is going to more closely analyze just from where in the world you’re trying to perform these actions in order to avoid data and identity theft. The company has also done this because so many people reuse the same passwords across multiple sites, which weakens security.

This means that if a single site is compromised, the email address attached to an account, along with the password, can be stolen. It’s only a matter of time before hackers try to access other accounts with the same credentials.

“If we identify a login attempt as suspicious, we’ll ask you a simple question about your account — something that only you know — to verify that your account is secure before granting access. We’ll also send you an email to let you know that we’ve detected unusual activity so you can update your password if need be,” Twitter writes, explaining just how it plans to keep you safe.

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