Twitter Account of Venezuela’s United Socialist Party Hacked

LulzSec Peru has hijacked the account for the second time

The verified Twitter account of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) has been hacked by LulzSec Peru.

The hacktivists have changed the @PartidoPSUV account’s pictures. The profile’s description currently reads “Don’t mess with the best. Hacked by LulzSec Peru.”

After hijacking the account, the hackers posted and retweeted tens of anti-government messages. The attack comes shortly after the Venezuelan state-owned ISP CANTV started blocking Twitter users from seeing certain images and avatar photos.

At the time of writing, the Twitter account of the political party is still controlled by LulzSec Peru.

This isn’t the first time LulzSec Peru hijacks the PSUV’s Twitter account. They also hacked it back in November 2012.

The people of Venezuela are protesting these days against the government. Three protesters were killed earlier this week.

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