Twitter Account of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Hacked

The celebrity claims she knows the "spinless boy" who did it

A few hours ago, the 660,000 Twitter followers of teen mom Farrah Abraham were probably surprised to see a tweet which read: “My ignorance of other people and my selfishness is why I get treated the way I do.”

The message wasn’t posted by Abraham, but by an individual who hacked her account.

The celebrity’s Twitter account has been recovered and the messages posted by the hacker have been removed, but the folks from Wet Paint caught a glimpse of the feed while it was still controlled by the attacker.

“The album I made sucks [expletive]. I don't know what I was thinking. Thank God I autotuned it otherwise it would have been even more of a disaster,” the hacker wrote.

After regaining control of her account, Farrah Abraham issued a statement, claiming the she knew the “weak and spinless boy” who hacked her account.

Here’s part of her statement, but be warned that it’s not easy to read, or understand:

“The reason [of the hack]; other then clearly being upset with my and or envious of my artistic abilities, literary aspirations, and future success I will have out of my current achievments.

I also new this person for three years and cuaght what I thought could be a stand up and successful person selling pharmasuetical pills. (my past has seen this before and normally I would just leave that person behind and hope one day they quit dealing drugs and ruining their life, but sadly in my past those people have died or are now in very poor conditions)

so I turned this person in to the police and others who could maybe help him better then myself, so the good deed , encouraged an addict, drug dealer, who is also an A student to retaliate and try to spread his negativity further.”

Her “fans” have rushed to point out that it’s curious how a “best-selling author” could write such a statement.

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