Twitter Account of Real Madrid Manager Carlo Ancelotti Hacked

The hacker asked various teams and football players to follow him

The verified Twitter account of Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of the Spanish football team Real Madrid, has been hacked.

The hacker sent out messages asking various accounts to follow him, including the ones of AC Milan, Ancelotti’s former team, Chelsea, Juventus, Wayne Rooney, Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The attacker also posted a tweet in Spanish that read: “Galliani [AC Millan’s chief] asked for advice on buying Essien for AC Milan.”

At the time of writing, the tweets published by the hacker have been removed. Ancelotti has confirmed that the account was hijacked.

Initially, he retweeted a tweet from Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos who revealed that the Twitter profile had been hacked. Moments ago, Ancelotti posted the following message: “This profile Has Been hacked. The problem will be solved shortly.”

Update. Ancelotti's Twitter account has been shut down.

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