Twitter Account of Oscar Pistorius' Older Brother Hacked

The hacker said the Olympian was going to do interviews

Oscar Pistorius, the South African athlete accused of killing his girlfriend, is not giving any interviews, but many were falsely led to believe the contrary after someone hacked into the Twitter account of Carl Pistorius, Oscar’s older brother.

According to CNN, the hacker who hijacked Carl Pistorius’ Twitter account said that the Olympian was going to start doing interviews.

Family spokeswoman Janine Hills told the press that Carl Pistorius, who is also on trial for murder, hadn’t posted the tweet in question.

She also explained that Carl and his sister were canceling their social media accounts.

“It is most unfortunate that during this sensitive time, someone would choose to hack into Oscar Pistorius older brother, Carl Pistorius' Twitter handle. Carl did not tweet this afternoon, out of respect to Oscar and Reeva,” Hills said.

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