Twitter Account of Musician Ronnie Radke Apparently Hacked

A message that reads "hacked" was posted on his feed

The official Twitter account of the famous American musician, songwriter and producer Ronnie Radke appears to have been hacked.

A message that reads “hacked” was posted from Radke’s verified Twitter account to his over 557,000 followers.

No other tweets have been posted since, but if the account has really been hijacked, the hacker might be sending out direct messages to Radke’s followers.

I will continue to monitor the account to see if the celebrity issues a statement on the matter.

In early June, another celebrity’s Twitter feed displayed a similar message. The message “HACKED” appeared on the feed of famous Filipina actress Kathryn Bernardo.

The message is still present on her profile and she hasn’t said anything about it. If she really was hacked, it’s likely that she didn’t notice the tweet.

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