Twitter Account of Hopsin Taken Over in CISPA Protest

The hackers took the opportunity to reveal a new operation against world governments

The Twitter account of the famous rapper known as Hopsin has been taken over by hackers part of the UGNazi collective, as a form of protest against the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing Protection Act (CISPA). The artist’s website,, has also been compromised.

The hackers claim that they “love” the rapper, but he became a target because his record label supports CISPA.

“We had access to the website, which gave us access into his emails. Then we reset the Twitter from the email,” one of the hackers told us.

UGNazi took this opportunity to reveal the group’s first official operation called OpAntiGov.

“Our goal is to show the government of the world we will not be censored by filthy government officials and money hungry companies. The world government and multi-billion dollar companies have been trying to stop the movement of freedom since the day freedom was even invented,” they explained.

“We, UGNazi are going to show the government and corporations that we are not going to hide behind our computers and take the beating they give us, we will fight back for the right of every innocent person and idea they are trying to censor.”

They also altered the website to redirect visitors to the @OpAntiGov Twitter profile.

Other posts made by the hackers from the compromised account include:

@Akon You are my inspiration #UGNazi

@taylorswift13 You are the most beautiful creature to hit this planet - Eric Matthews(@Thacosmo) #UGNazi

@VictoriaJustice You are the most beautiful creature to hit this planet - Josh Matthews(@Joshthegod) #UGNazi

If you want to be followed by Hopsin, tweet "#UGNazi #OpAntiGov”

The incident demonstrates once again that celebrities still have a lot to learn when it comes to protecting their email and social media accounts.

Also, since CISPA obtained the vote of the House of Representatives, hacktivists and other activists have escalated their protests, turning anyone who supports the bill into a potential target.

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