Twitter Account of Doctor Who Actress Karen Gillan Hacked

The hacker is trying to advertise shady, miracle diet products

The official Twitter account of Karen Gillan, the actress famous for her role in the Doctor Who TV series, has been hacked.

The account, which appears to have been under the control of the hacker for the past 4 hours, is being used to advertise shady Acai Berry miracle diets.

The malicious website is a “classic.” It replicates a reputable news website in an effort to convince potential victims that the diet is real.

As experts from Sophos highlight, users whose Twitter accounts become compromised by hackers must change their passwords as soon as possible to something that’s not easy to guess by a hacker.

Hopefully, Karen Gillan will do this quickly, before her 230,000 followers start purchasing miracle weight loss products.

Gillan is not the only Doctor Who actress who has been targeted by cybercriminals. Back in March 2012, Jenna-Louise Coleman’s name was used to lure users to clickjacking sites.

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