Twitter Account of Doctor Who Actor Colin Baker Hacked

The compromised account was used to advertise shady Acai berry diets

The Twitter account of Colin Baker, the actor who played the role of The Doctor in the BBC’s Doctor Who TV show between 1984 and 1986, has been taken over by hackers. The cybercriminals used his account to advertise shady Acai berry websites, GFI Labs experts report

Fortunately, the actor has reclaimed his account.

“I seem to have been hacked so ignore body fat tweets from me. Sigh - so what do I do about that?” he tweeted.

“I've finally worked out how to reset my password so you shouldn't be inundated with weight loss garbage on Twitter,” he later added.

It’s uncertain how the attackers managed to gain access to his account, but it’s likely that he has been using an easy-to-guess password.

Baker is not the only Doctor Who actor to fall victim to hackers. Earlier this month, the Twitter account of Karen Gillen was also compromised and leveraged to lure users to a bogus miracle diet website.

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