Twisted Metal Gets Full Trailer, First Pre-Order Bonus

After receiving a short trailer last week, Twisted Metal has now received a complete one, with an extended look at some of its gameplay, as well as the full motion cinematics that will be included in the combat racing title.

Twisted Metal received a glorious reveal at last year's E3 conference, and now, Sony, its publisher, and Eat Sleep Play, its developer, are slowly revealing details about this new iteration in the popular series.

We've already seen a brand new trailer debut last week, and one of the game's co-creators, David Jaffe, who also worked on the God of War series, promised that a full length video, as well as some other news will be presented soon.

That time has come, with Sony unleashing an extended cut version of the previous trailer, which takes a deeper look into the universe of the franchise and how some of its unique characters, including Sweet Tooth, Dollface or Mr. Grimm, will interact with each other in the new destruction racing game.

What's more, after scheduling a release date for the title last week, Sony is now offering the first pre-order incentive for dedicated fans of the series.

As you can see in the image above, Axel, one of the characters from the first Twisted Metal game, is back, and you can get access to his war machine by pre-ordering the game at any participating retailer.

Sony promises that more news will arrive in the near future, so, until the launch of the game on October 4, Twisted Metal fans will be in for quite a lot of great things.

Until then, check out the extended cut version of the Twisted Metal trailer below, showcasing both some of the gameplay in the new title, the outrageous machines that will be driven by the equally twisted characters as well as the eerie cut scenes that will be featured by the story mode of the combat racing title.

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