Twinings USA Tea Company Admits Its Site Was Hacked

The details of over 1,600 individuals have been exposed

Last week, Cyber War News reported that a hacker known as D0ct0r_Inj3ct0r published a document containing the details of over 1,600 customers of Twinings USA, the US branch of the famous English tea maker.

Names, physical addresses, dates of birth, genders and email addresses were published online.

In the meantime, Twinings North America, Inc. representatives have started notifying the affected individuals.

“Please rest assured that NO financial information of any kind has been compromised, and this information continues to be protected under the strictest security measures,” Dan Martin, president of Twinings North America, wrote.

“And while we expect only a small portion of our Tea-Mail subscriber database has been affected by this breach, we feel it is important to notify everyone. Again, we want to assure you that any credit card information, passwords, or other financial information submitted to was not breached.”

Martin claims the company has started implementing enhanced security mechanisms to ensure that their customers’ details are better protected.

He has also warned users to be careful in case they receive any suspicious emails in which they’re requested to hand over personal or financial information.

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