Twin Rivalry Starts Before Birth, Video Shows

Twin fetuses have been captured kicking each other in the womb

A video taken during a “cinematic-MRI” suggests that competition between twins might start months before they are born.

The video, taken for a twin study led by scientists at London's Center for Fetal Care, captured the two fetuses kicking each other to get more space into their mother's womb.

The “cinematic-MRI” is a newly developed form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which allows the moving fetuses to be observed in detail, Yahoo News reports.

“A lot of the so-called videos in the womb are very processed, so they do a lot of reconstructing and computer work afterwards. These are the raw images that are acquired immediately,” said Marisa Taylor-Clarke, a researcher at the Imperial College London, as cited by New Scientist.

Although the machinery does show the physical reaction of the twins, they cannot offer any proof about what their “intentions” were.

So watch the cute beings and decide for yourselves whether their kicking is a sign of rivalry, or just an unconscious shifting to get the most conformable spot in the womb.

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