“Twin Peaks” Isn’t Coming Back to TV, Producer Mark Frost Says

Producer denies recent rumors that NBC was looking into making season 3

Every once in a while, rumors that “Twin Peaks” will get the reboot treatment either on the big screen or on television emerge online, making the hearts of millions of fans from all over the world flutter with excitement. The same is happening now.

On New Year’s Eve, an anonymous commenter on 4chan wrote that he knew for a fact David Lynch and Mark Frost had met with NBC to talk about the possibility of making a third season to the insanely successful series.

He even offered details about what the new season would include, and how it would tie in with the events in season 2.

Oddly enough, because that’s how the Internet works, even though he offered nothing to make confirmation of his words possible, his comment went viral.

Sadly, it’s still just wishful thinking.

“Dear Internet: You are very good at spreading rumors. Truth is more valuable and much harder to come by. Sincerely yours, @mfrost11,” Frost writes on his Twitter feed.

“Just to clarify: per his email to me, there have been no conversations between Mark Frost and NBC re: Twin Peaks. NONE,” Jace Lacob of the Daily Beast confirms, after speaking with Frost via email.

And, with that, “Twin Peaks” fans have just had their hearts broken – again.

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