“Twilight” Star Sees Nothing Wrong with Caging Wolves for the “Breaking Dawn” Premiere

“It's not like we took them out of the wild,” Kellan Lutz says

A few days back, we reported on how one movie theater in LA decided to showcase a pack of wolves during the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” premiere, supposedly in order to help the audience get in their “Twilight” mood.

Needless to say, conservationists were anything but happy to hear that these animals got stuck in cages all for the sake of entertainment, and this incident sparked quite a controversy among media outlets and the general public.

Recent news on this topic informs us that actor Kellan Lutz, better known to “Twilight” fans as Emmet, sees nothing wrong with the fact that these animals were locked down and put on display in order to mark the premiere of the latest and last cinematic production of this saga.

Although he is an active animal rights defender, Kellan Lutz believes that, as long as these animals were not removed from their natural habitats and brought into LA, then conservationists are pretty much making a big fuss over nothing.

He explains that, regardless of what several green-oriented groups might have written on their official websites, the fact remains that these wolves were properly looked after by the people who brought them to the movie theater, and that their wellbeing was not in any way and/or at any moment overlooked.

“Not to step on PETA shoes or anything, but they are in a loving environment, they’re treated very well, and I don’t think we can point fingers at anyone for having a collar on too tight,” Kellan Lutz said.

Furthermore, “I hope I’m not making enemies over there, because I am very much for PETA. I think the wolves were so sweet. It was a good addition.”

Not to step on Kellan Lutz's shoes or anything, but it is quite likely that several green-oriented organizations (PETA included) will have issues accepting his views on the matter at hand.

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