Twilight Star Kellan Lutz Speaks in Defense of Lobsters, Crabs

The actor demands that seafood plant in Maine treats these animals more humanely

Actor Kellan Lutz, best known for his role in “Twilight,” is asking that workers at Linda Bean's Maine Lobster start treating lobsters and crabs more humanely.

The seafood plant first made headlines towards the end of September, when PETA accused it of horrific animal cruelty.

Undercover footage released a few weeks later showed workers at this facility tearing apart crustaceans while the latter were still alive.

Kellan Lutz has had a look at this undercover footage, and felt that he can make a difference by sending a letter to the plant's owner and asking her to tell workers that torturing lobsters and crabs was not only unnecessary, but also blameworthy.

“Watching these animals writhe as their exposed internal organs were violently scrubbed off with spinning brushes made me wonder how you could possibly wait one second longer to spend a little of your profits on a machine that renders these animals unconscious prior to being processed,” Kellan wrote in his letter.

“Even if you can't relate to lobsters and crabs in the same way that you might to dogs or dolphins, they also deserve to be spared unnecessary agony,” he added.

As was to be expected, the owner of Linda Bean's Maine Lobster has not yet responded to Kellan's letter.

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