“Twilight” Prom Dress or How Fashion Goes Terribly Wrong

Woman creates dress combining Team Edward with Team Jacob

If you never really knew whether you were Team Edward or Team Jacob, here's your chance to get the best of both worlds – or something along those lines. This is an actual handmade dress, available until not long ago on Etsy.

Fans of the Stephenie Meyer original novels and the Summit-made films have long found a way to incorporate elements from their favorite vampire / werewolf / mortal story into the most important moments of their life.

Twi-hards get married in ceremonies inspired by the one in the film, they have all kinds of Twilight tattoos and they turn their rooms into altars for the characters they have come to love so much.

For them (or for one of them, more precisely), one woman on Etsy has created the perfect dress, which you can also see in the image attached.

It's one of a kind and it will literally help you decide which Team you're on, because it shows love to both.

Basically, the horrendous design is best described as two dresses in one: on one side (which is blue), there is a large photo of Edward Cullen, the brooding vampire, while on the other (red), an image of werewolf Jacob Black.

Each side comes with unique accessories, such as a glove and a huge fake flower, but also with matching shoes, one silvery blue and the other fiery red – because the two represent ice and fire, as you must have realized by now.

“Plus size 20-22 hand man one of a kind Twilight Edward vs Jacob dress. Comes with arm band, fire feather hair piece, shoes size 10, and hoop. Both side light up Edward is white light and Jacob is red lights,” a description of the item read, before it was taken down.

Should you ever consider purchasing such a gown, you should know it's not that expensive – at least, not as expensive as it would be if it were official merchandise.

This “beauty” for instance, cost just $100 (€75.6), which, as Regretsy puts it, is a small price to pay if you're going for a particular look.

“One of the greatest things about Etsy is that it allows every woman – no matter what her size or shape – to look like a [expletive]-ing idiot for about $100,” says the e-zine.

The readers seem to agree but we want to know what you think: is this gown a hit or a miss? Would you ever wear something like this?


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