Tweetro Records Too Many Downloads, to Be Removed from Windows 8

The third-party app is “crippled” by Twitter’s token limit

Since the programmers over at Twitter are still working on their very own app for Windows 8, most users of the new operating system turn to Tweetro.

This pretty popular Windows 8 Twitter client has recorded so many downloads that it quickly became the victim of its own success.

Atta Elayyan, the UX Designer and Co-Founder of Lazyworm Applications, the company behind Tweetro, claims in an email sent to users that his third-party Twitter app is “completely crippled” by Twitter’s 100,000 users token limit, so consumers can no longer rely on this program.

The app will most likely be removed from the Windows Store, he said, but a new paid version could be released in the near future.

“At this stage, we are considering to add further polish to Tweetro and re-launch it as an exclusive ‘premium’ paid app. We would have been more than happy to continue distributing Tweetro for free as the exposure we’ve been receiving from it has been fantastic however being limited by twitter to a maximum of 100,000 users would mean we’d have to justify development via financial means,” he wrote in the email.

The company has already contacted Twitter to work on a way to unblock the app, but officials of the famous social networking platform are yet to issue a reply.

“In the mean time [sic], for those who are enjoying Tweetro we recommend that they refrain from uninstalling the app, removing accounts from within the app or revoking access from Twitter as there is no method accessing OAuth in its current state,” Elayyan explained.

At the time of writing, Tweetro is still available in the Store. While we don’t know how many downloads it recorded since its release, the application has no less than 790 ratings (with a four-star average) and 389 reviews.

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