Turtle Spends 20 Years in a Bucket Before Being Rescued and Freed

Audrey is now a “spokesperson” for a turtle rescue organization near Toronto

A turtle named Audrey recently got a job as “spokesperson” for LittleResQ, an organization whose working agenda revolves around rescuing and rehabilitating turtles abused and neglected by their owners.

Apparently, quite a lot of people fail to realize that, just like other pets, turtles require both proper care, and sufficient space to move about and get some exercise.

Buzzfeed reports that Audrey stands as proof of this status-quo: it was made to live in a bucket for over twenty years, and now its shell resembles a mushroom cap turned topsy-turvy.

For the time being, the greenheads working with LittleResQ are doing everything in their power to make this unfortunate turtle feel a tad better.

As well as this, they hope that its story will help spread some awareness with respect to how turtles living in captivity need to be treated by their owners.

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