Turtle Named Willie Now on the Loose in Brooklyn

The turtle is 70 years old, owner Ed Schloeman is desperate to find it

The news just broke that a 70-year-old turtle named Willie recently went missing in Brooklyn. More precisely, the turtle ran away from home and its owner, Ed Schloeman, is desperate to find it.

Ed explains that Willie has been his pet for decades, seeing how it was purchased by his parents in the 1940s.

This man used to keep the turtle in a so-called caged environment which he had built in his back yard, and up until now the animal did not display any signs of being unhappy with its life, sources say.

However, as Ed puts it, “He just got out somehow.”

Willie disappeared towards the end of 2012, and its owner suspects that it is most likely hibernating in some nook or cranny.

Still, he hopes that somebody will soon find it and return it to him in exchange for a $100 dollar reward (€76.54).

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