Turn App Store Promo Codes into “Tokens”

Never wrangle iTunes Connect to get a promo code again

If you’re a developer looking to eliminate some of the hassle surrounding promo code creation and distribution, give Tokens a try! It slaps a friendly interface on your iTunes Connect account enabling you to generate codes with a click and track who’s using them.

Developers @Padraig and @prendio2 wanted to eliminate the hassle of using Apple’s cumbersome iTunes Connect. So they made Tokens, a nifty little app that does the simple task of creating promo codes with a range of useful options.

You click once to generate a code, and then use the share menu to distribute a token (or just copy and paste, or drag and drop).

“With one click the recipient is redirected to the App Store where their download begins,” says the duo.

Then you can “track like a boss” to see who’s redeemed the codes and who is yet to enjoy a free copy of your app.

Speaking of which, if you maintain just a single title, you’ll be able to use Tokens free of charge. If you have more than one app, a license costs $29 (€22). Not too cheap, but certainly a reasonable price for this much deserved convenience.

Tokens requires Mountain Lion because it uses the built-in sharing services extensively, as well as Notification Center and other OS X 10.8 APIs.

“We like Mountain Lion and think that most developers will be using it by now. Tokens is not available for Windows,” the developer duo is sad to inform.

iBooks codes can’t be created with Tokens. Furthermore, only apps that you can generate promo codes for will appear in Tokens.

Titles listed by Apple as “Ready For Sale,” “Pending Developer Release,” “Pending an Apple Release,” or “Processing for App Store” will not show up in the Tokens interface.

Download Tokens for Mac (Free)

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