Turkish Police Name RedHack a Cyber Terrorist Organization

The hacktivists say protecting and defending the public's rights is not terrorism

RedHack has been highly involved in the protests that started in Turkey after authorities announced their intentions to destroy the Gezi Park in Istanbul. Over the past days, the hackers have breached the systems of Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs and the ones of the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration.

In light of recent events, Turkish police are said to have submitted a report to the Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office in which they identify the hacktivist group as a “cyber terrorist organization,” Bianet informs.

RedHack is accused by authorities of encouraging citizens, via Twitter, to commit crimes. A prosecutor has been put in charge of investigating the IP addresses used in the attacks carried out by the group.

In response to the accusations, the hacktivists said, “My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think,not what they look like. #RedHackisNotTerrorist.”

“Systematical madness can only be treated by getting organised! The people united will never be defeated!” they said.

They added, “Becoming a Terrorist for defending minorities, equality and justice can only occur in Turkey presumably.”

“Protecting and defending the public's rights and freedom Wanting Equality for all Demanding Justice is NOT Terrorism.”

This is not the first time when Turkey attempts to label the group as a “terrorist organization.” Around one year ago, Turkish officials announced their plans of putting the group on the list of terrorist organizations and prosecute their members accordingly.

However, a few months ago, Turkish prosecutors ruled that RedHack couldn’t be named a terrorist organization because their activities were not violent.

In the meantime, RedHack is supported by many people in Turkey. The group has become a modern-day Robin Hood, especially after they’ve claimed to have erased people’s debts as a result of the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration hack.

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