Turkish Hackers Leak Details of 50,000 Users from Pepsi Hungary

The company's 3d.pepsi.hu domain was targeted by the attackers

Maxney, a member of the Turkish Agent Hacker Group, claims to have breached the official website of Pepsi Hungary.

As a result of the breach – which targeted the 3d.pepsi.hu domain – the details of more than 50,000 users have been dumped online. The information includes names, email addresses, clear text passwords, phone numbers, cities of residence, dates of birth and registration dates.

As CyberWarNews highlights, the hacker has not only leaked the data, but he has also altered the subdomain to redirect visitors to a defacement page on zonehmirrors.net.

We haven’t been able to confirm the data’s origin, but the information published on Pastebin and the fact that the 3d.pepsi.hu domain is clearly affected leads us to believe that Pepsi’s site was in fact breached.

At the time of writing, several hours after the attack, the 3d.pepsi.hu domain still redirected visitors to zonehmirrors.net. This means that Pepsi may not be aware of this incident.

Out attempts to contact them failed, but hopefully they will notice the fact that their (apparently) only subdomain redirects visitors to a protest website.

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