Turkish Hackers Deface 4 Nokia Taiwan Websites, Leak 100,000 Records

The "member," "fun," "event" and "swipe" subdomains are affected

Hackers of the Turkish Ajan group have breached Nokia Taiwan’s official website (nokia.com.tw). They defaced four subdomains and leaked files that, according to the hackers, contain around 100,000 records, including user details.

The affected subdomains are member.nokia.com.tw, event.nokia.com.tw, fun.nokia.com.tw, and swipe.nokia.com.tw.

It’s difficult to determine precisely how many users are affected by the breach. However, the Nokia610_Users file contains the names, email addresses, phone numbers, and IMEIs of 440 customers.

One of the larger files, NKA073_User, contains the details of close to 20,000 users. The names, mobile phone numbers and email addresses of over 25,000 customers are stored in another file named Event_N97_User.

At the time of writing, one of the subdomains was taken down, but the other three still displayed the hackers’ defacement page.

In January, the same hacker group leaked the details of 37,000 accounts from the systems of Renault Argentina.

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