Turkey Blocks Users from Accessing Tor Website to Prevent Censorship Circumvention

Here's a list of websites where you can download a clean version of the Tor Browser Bundle

Turkey has recently banned both Twitter and YouTube. However, that hasn’t stopped users from accessing the services with the aid of Google’s DNS servers and the Tor network. 

After blocking Google’s DNS servers to prevent users from accessing Twitter, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) reports that Turkey is also banning users from visiting the website of the Tor Project.

The website hosts the Tor Browser Bundle, which enables users to surf the Web through the anonymity network. Tor is one of the most effective ways to bypass censorship, so it’s not surprising that the Turkish government is trying to prevent users from utilizing it.

To aid internauts in Turkey who want to use Tor to visit websites blocked by the government, the EFF is providing a list of mirrors from which the Tor Browser Bundle can be downloaded. You can also download the Tor Browser Bundle from Softpedia.

Those who want to support censorship circumvention can set up their own mirrors by following the instructions provided by the Tor Project.

However, users are warned that malicious actors might take this opportunity to distribute fake or backdoored versions of the tool. That’s why it’s important for users to download Tor only from trusted websites.

Versions of Tor distributed via emails, instant messaging platforms, or social media networks should be avoided.

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