Tumblr Web Traffic Slumps

The number of visitors on the site has dropped considerably in the past month

Tumblr isn’t doing too well after being bought by Yahoo, despite initial reports that the number of blogs had increased considerably.

According to Quantcast, the website’s desktop and mobile websites are getting a lot less traffic than before, reaching the lowest value since 2011.

At the beginning of 2013, the number of monthly page views was at about 16 billion. Last month, the number dropped by nearly 4.7 billion.

The number of unique visitors is also considerably lower, from about 76 million in November last year, to 54 million. Even compared with the previous month, there’s a 5 million drop in the number of unique visitors.

However, the numbers reported by Quantcast don’t include the site’s mobile app that has been promoted heavily lately. This could be partly responsible for the drop in the number of web visitors.

Since the site is particularly targeted at young people, the idea that they migrated to a mobile app isn’t that farfetched.

Not surprisingly, most of the people who use Tumblr in the United States are between 18 and 24 years old, closely followed by the 25-34 demographic.

Data shows these are people who earn under $50,000 per year and that have a college degree and no children.

As The Verge points out, unofficial traffic numbers are often unreliable, but Tumblr has enabled Quantcast to gather data directly from its website, so the measurements could be quite accurate.

Tumblr was bought by Yahoo in late May, although the deal was finalized a month later. The Internet giant promised to keep its hands off Tumblr and let David Karp continue to lead the company.

Tumblr users weren’t all too thrilled about the decision to sell the company to Yahoo, considering it to be the death of the blogging platform, but in the months that passed there haven’t been too many changes that could chase away users.

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