Tulisa Trashed for Performance of “Sight of You” on X Factor UK

When all the smoke and mirrors are gone, she simply doesn’t have what it takes

She’s a judge and mentor on X Factor UK but, where her own music career is concerned, the truth is that Tulisa has seen better days than she does now that she’s a solo act. With performances like the one above, it might be another while until she’s taken seriously as such.

Tulisa performed her brand new single, “Sight of You,” which I actually like, on the show she usually acts as judge.

Reaction was nothing positive, might I add.

While by far better than previous live showings, there’s still a certain feeling that Tulisa is struggling with the song and, unfortunately, barely keeping up with it. It’s like her voice can’t carry her where the song is supposed to.

In other words, when all the smoke and mirrors are gone, there’s very little left.

It’s not bad, but it’s definitely not as good as would be expected from an X Factor judge, one who is supposed to have both the skill and the experience to back up whatever counsels it offers on the show.

It could be just the nerves, of course. Check out the video above and correct me if I’m wrong by dropping me a line in the comments section below.

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