Tuenti Mobile Client Arrives on Windows Phone

It offers secure, private communication capabilities

Owners of Windows Phone devices can now enjoy the benefits of a Tuenti mobile client on their devices, after the application landed on other major mobile operating systems out there.

Currently available for download as version 1.0, the mobile application is offered for free to all Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 users (after being confirmed last year, as WMPoweruser notes), and provides them with the possibility to connect with their friends over this social network.

The application also works as a real-time messenger, enabling users not only to engage into conversations with their friends, but also to easily share photos and updates.

Given that it is a multi-platform application, Tuenti will allow for chatting with users on other mobile operating systems out there as well, while also offering support for desktop computers.

The main feature of the Windows Phone app, however, consists of increased privacy and security options, though users will have the possibility to access their own info from any device they want.

Tuenti provides secure, private communication with contacts, friends, and family, the company behind the app notes, adding that it also offers a simple, intuitive design with essential social features at users’ disposal at all times.

Other features of the app include:

- Tuenti is SOCIAL. Import the people in your phonebook and easily choose what information they see. Add people as contacts to send free real-time chat messages, but without sharing your profile. Only the ones you add as friends can see all the photos and updates you share.

- Tuenti is SECURE. Messages are encrypted (SSL) and your information is stored on the cloud, so it stays safe even if you lose your phone.

- Tuenti is PRIVATE. Your information is only visible to the people you trust: your friends. Tuenti doesn’t index anything on external search engines, so you have control over who sees your info

Tuenti for Windows Phone can be seen on this page in the official Windows Phone Store.

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