Tsarnaev's Wife Refuses to Talk to FBI, Communicates Through Attorney

Katherine Russell has not been involved in the bombings, evidence shows

Katherine Russell Tsarnaev is giving the FBI absolutely no information, reports are saying. Tamerlan Tsarnaev's wife has cut off all communication with the authorities, and she is responding though her attorney.

Inquisitr writes that lawyer Amato DeLuca has conveyed Russell's wish to keep her silence on the matter of her husband's involvement in the attacks.

As of yet, nothing implicates the American citizen in the bombings that killed three people and maimed several others during the Boston marathon.

“The whole family is a mess, to put it bluntly. They’re very distraught. They’re upset … Their lives have been unalterably changed. They’re upset because of what happened, the people that were injured, that were killed. It’s an awful, terrible thing,” DeLuca says.

Tsarnaev will also be focusing on burying her husband, as the Examiner's office has released his remains.

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