Try Out MultiPLX, a New RSS Reader

Now that Google Reader is closing down, MultiPLX is a nice alternative

The final countdown until Google Reader is being retired has started and everyone needs to find a suitable replacement.

While we have already covered quite a few Readers, there are still plenty of options available out there.

One nice alternative is MultiPLX, which is quite speedy and comes with some nice features.

For instance, there are already a bunch of pre-programmed RSS feeds from various sites under multiple categories, such as “Current events,” “Entertainment,” “Tech and Science,” “Home,” “Wheels”, “Sports,” “Art,” “Travel” and “Lifestyle.”

It’s possible to select which topics you want to get news from and later fiddle with the feeds you want to use and which you don’t care for.

However, additional feeds can easily be added by pasting the link into a box or importing the archive from another RSS reader, such as Google’s service.

A nice thing that not many readers have is the fact that it doesn’t only import your list of feeds but also remembers your previously Starred, Liked or Shared Items. This makes transitioning between services that much easier.

MultiPLX lets you know how many unread articles are in each category or individual feed so you always know how much catching up you need to do.

There are also several viewing options, such as Card or List. It’s possible to mark as read the entire page of articles, to favorite, like or share any of the articles. MultiPLX comes with some social integration, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instapaper.

The developers promised that they would update the service once a week for the next period of time, during which they would introduce new features and fix any bug that might appear.

Among the features they are working on, there’s a timeline search option, social authentication, keyboard shortcuts and more customizations and sharing options.

Editor’s Note: The bottom line is that I was pleasantly surprised with this RSS reader, which comes with plenty of features and is actually quite speedy. It is definitely one of the stronger options available at the moment.


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