Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Released, Has Mechanical Switches

Despite being launched in Japan, the product has an English-QWERTY layout

Yet another keyboard has made its appearance, one that should resonate well with people worried that their wrists won't feel very well after hours of using a normal peripheral.

Keyboards come in many shapes, but most of them have a key layout that forces owners to bend their wrists at an angle in order to type properly.

Since this can cause injury, peripheral developers have come up with “ergonomic” products, which let the arms and hands stay in natural positions.

Truly Ergonomic named itself after this asset. A Japanese company, it actually chose to give its newest keyboard the English-QWERTY layout.

The new keyboard, called TECK209 (Truly Ergonomic 209), has 209 keys, all of them equipped with Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches.

The switches can live through 20 million key presses and provide good tactile feedback.

More importantly, the keyboard splits the alphabet key section into two halves, each with its own space bar.

N-key rollover is supported as well, thanks to the USB connection. This allows any number of keys to be pressed simultaneously without the keyboard or PC choking and failing to acknowledge input entirely.

Right between the two alphabet section lies a row of function keys (shift, enter and other formatting buttons).

All the above features, as well as palm cushions, lead to a surface of 333 x 238 mm / 13.11 x 9.37 inches and a weight of 1.2 kilograms / 2.64 pounds.

Currently, Truly Ergonomic is selling the 209 mechanical keyboard in Japan, for the price of 19.800 Yen, or $235 / 177.35 Euro.

Were there a numpad somewhere on this keyboard, we would say it is very good for games. Unfortunately, there isn't, nor is there the usual section for arrow keys, Page Up/Page Down, etc. The buttons exist, sure enough, but they aren't laid out in the fashion familiar to gamers.

As such, the keyboard is better for those that spend a lot of time writing documents, fiction, or whatever else.


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