True Spirit from Thermalright Is a Decent, Well-Priced Cooler

It supports both Intel and AMD processing units, regardless of sort

Objectively speaking, EK's latest waterblock is probably the most unusual cooler we've seen this week, but that doesn't make Thermalright's latest creation any less worthy of note.

Sure, EK-Supremacy AMD C32/G34 is the first waterblock that supports these particular AMD workstation and server motherboards (C32/G34), but Thermalright's product has something different to offer: accessibility.

Put simply, this is an air cooler whose price and build make it decent enough that even mainstream users, as in those without overly high budgets, would be willing to buy it as replacement for whatever cooler their processors shipped with.

And by processors we don't just mean CPUs like Intel's socket LGA 775/1366/1156/1155/2011 models, or AMD's AM2(+)/AM3( +)/FM1/FM2 chips, but AMD APUs as well (accelerated processing units with integrated Radeon HD graphics).

It is convenient that Advanced Micro Devices was sure to make the APUs compatible with one of the same sockets that its normal CPUs employ, but we digress.

Thermalright named its cooler True Spirit 120 Rev. A (BW), and designed it with a nickel base, four copper heatpipes (each with a thickness of 6 mm) and a heatsink with 48 fins (it is made of aluminum).

A single fan, with a rotary speed of 600 to 1,500 RPM (rotations per minute), keeps everything at a low temperature. The noise level is a maximum 28dBA, less than a whisper.

Since this is a tower cooler, the case of the desktop PC should be reasonably deep. For instance, Digital Storm would obviously not have managed to use it in its Bolt.

True Spirit 120 Rev. A (BW) is available in Europe and has a price of €25.99. Exchange rates say that equals $33.81, but it is much more likely that the real price in the US, if Thermalright ever gets around to releasing it there, will be $25.99 instead.


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