Triple Boost Bra Promises the Perfect Cleavage Without Surgery

In their constant struggle to always look their best and be the closest thing to their own definition of “perfect,” women have now the perfect ally: the Triple Boost Bra, a cheap, elegant and very efficient push-up bra that will give them the support and extra volume they need.

Created by Debenhams and now available in the UK, the brassiere retails for £22 and boasts of being able to offer the perfect cleavage to any woman in need of a little boost in the department, the Daily Mail informs.

Since the hourglass figure is back in trends, countless women have returned to padded, push-up bras for a little help, since they don’t have the money or the desire to turn to plastic surgery for it.

The Triple Boost claims to give them said support and volume while also looking incredibly natural, unlike other products of the kind.

It took three years to come up with the new lingerie offering, but Debenhams is positive that it sell like hot cakes because quality is always the best advertising a product can get.

“It wasn’t as simple as putting extra padding into an ordinary bra or revamping a double-cup boost bra,” Sharon Webb of Debenhams says of why it took so long until the Triple Boost Bra was ready to arrive in stores.

The focus with it was to make it look as natural as possible, while also being very elegant and, most importantly, efficient in terms of support.

“We had to get the materials and the padding just right, or it wouldn’t look natural,” Webb tells the Mail.

“In the final product, a large cushion pad has been inserted on the outside of each cup to give ‘mega side push and lift,’ while medium foam pads lift the breasts and soft foam cushions inside the cups are said to enhance the shape of the bust,” the British publication explains.

The photo attached to this article also illustrates the padding in each cup.

As Webb puts it, this is precisely what women are looking for in a brassiere right now.

“More and more women are searching for a quick-fix, low-cost way to boost their assets. People want to enhance their bust but without the cost or pain of undergoing surgery,” she says.

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