Trine 2 Delivers More Three Way Action in Winter 2011

Video game developer Frozenbyte and publisher Focus Home Interactive have announced that they are working together to launch Trine 2 during the fourth quarter of this year, with players able to once again control three characters during a fantasy-themed quest.

It seems that Trine 2 will have the same basic mechanics as the original game in the series, allowing players to work cooperatively online in order to control all the characters at the same time or to do the same thing online by switching between them.

The developers are talking about a new adventure which includes more complex traps and a number of new monsters alongside physics-based puzzles.

The story will be linked to a mystery which draws in the powerful knight Pontius, the sneaky thief Zoya and the wizard Amadeus and will test the player's ability to think creatively while using their full powers.

Cédric Lagarrigue, who is the chief executive officer at Focus Home Interactive, has said, “This is a great pleasure to accompany a studio as talented as Frozenbyte for the European launch of the sequel of this marvelous game. It has already been a great pleasure and privilege playing Trine 2 and we look forward to sharing this accomplished and fascinating game with everybody in Europe.”

Lauri Hyvärinen, the CEO of Frozenbyte, added, ”We are delighted to partner with Focus and bring Trine 2 to European gamers through their extensive distribution network. We are making sure that Trine 2 as a game will be fantastic and we are happy that Focus will be with us to make sure that the PC version gets the kind of distribution it deserves!”

Focus Home Interactive says that in Europe the game will get a physical Collector's Edition that will include a CD soundtrack created by composer Ari Pulkkinen, but the game will also be available through digital distribution services.

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