Trine 2 Delayed for European PS3 Owners Due to Sony’s Approval Process

Frozenbyte apologizes for the delay, says a release date will be announced ASAP

Frozenbyte, the developer of the hit Trine series, has confirmed that it still doesn’t know when Trine 2, the latest chapter in the franchise, will appear on the European PlayStation Store, because it has yet to receive approval from Sony Europe.

Trine 2 impressed many gamers last month when it appeared on the PC and Mac through Steam, as well as on the Xbox 360 around the world or on the PlayStation 3, in North America.

While European PS3 owners were initially scheduled to get the game right at the beginning of this year, things have apparently hit a snag, due to the quality assurance process at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, which still hasn’t finished rating the game.

"Trine 2 is in SCEE's QA now," Frozenbyte Vice President, Joel Kinnunen, told Eurogamer about this delay in Europe. "There was probably a holiday pause but things should be back to normal now so hopefully we'll hear more soon.”

"We are anxiously awaiting the European release ourselves! We had both SCEA and SCEE versions ready at the same time and they are basically 100 per cent the same (SCEA version already has all European languages, for example), so we are very disappointed we couldn't have a simultaneous launch. But it's out of our hands."

Trine 2 already impressed us with its PC version, which appeared at the beginning of December. We praised it in our review for its stunning visuals, great gameplay, clever puzzles and fun cooperative mechanics that finally allowed players to work together online, not just locally.

European PlayStation 3 users might expect Trine 2 to appear on their own PlayStation Store in the following weeks, unless Sony Europe finds any problems with the version made by Frozenbyte. Expect more details about this launch as soon as they appear.

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