Trial Against 10 Alleged Members of the RedHack Hacker Group Begins

The suspects could spend up to 24 years in prison if found guilty

The trial against ten individuals suspected of being part of the notorious RedHack hacker collective has begun today. The defendants appeared before a judge in Ankara, Turkey.

According to Harber Monitor, the suspects – accused of being part of a terrorist organization – face up to 24 years in prison if found guilty for their crimes.

They’re also accused of leaking confidential information and hacking into computer systems.

The RedHack group – founded in 1997 – has been named a terrorist organization after hacking into the systems of several Turkish government agencies, including the Foreign Ministry and the National Police.

The fact that authorities arrested some of their members back in March didn’t discourage the group from continuing its operations against the Turkish government.

Judging by their account, they defaced several high-profile Turkish websites between March and October.

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