Phorpiex Worm Spreads via Skype, Email and Removable Drives

The malware has been found to mainly target users from Japan

Shylock is not the only piece of malware that’s spreading via Skype these days. Trend Micro experts say that another worm, detected as WORM_PHORPIEX.JZ, also uses the messaging platform in an effort to infect as many computers as possible.

Phorpiex uses a number of methods to spread: removable drives, emails and Skype.

Once it finds itself on a device, the malware connects to certain IRC servers and joins the #go channel. Then, it downloads and executes other malicious elements.

It spreads via email by sending out messages containing an attachment, which is actually a copy of the malware itself.

On Skype, the threat is distributed via messages that read “LOL,” followed by a link to what appears to be an image file. The Skype messages are actually generated by a plugin called WORM_PESKY.A

For now, Phorpiex has been mainly targeting users from Japan (83%), followed by the US (2.4%).

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