Trend Micro Report for Q3, 2012: Zero-Days, Mobile Malware and Phishing

The number of malicious Android apps has considerably grown in the past months

Security firm Trend Micro has released its Security Roundup Report for the third quarter of 2012.

The figures highlight the fact that the number of malicious elements designed to target Android devices has increased from 30,000 (in June) to almost 175,000 (in September). While some of them are designed to inflate phone bills and fill the crooks’ pockets, others pose a privacy threat.

The study also shows that cybercriminals have often utilized Java and Internet Explorer (IE) zero-days in their attacks. Furthermore, IE vulnerabilities have also been used in advanced persistent threat (APT) campaigns.

Speaking of APTs, as it turns out, the Nitro and Lurid campaigns have been slightly improved. The report also shows that private and state-owned organizations are still a viable target for APTs.

In the past quarter, the most dangerous pieces of malware were ZeroAccess and the worm known as Conficker.

Social media-related threats and privacy concerns haven’t disappeared, and neither have phishing scams. Apparently, PayPal is still the favorite of phishers and LinkedIn is the favorite of cybercriminals who spread malware via the BlackHole exploit kit.

The complete report is available here.

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