Trend Micro Launches “Custom Defense,” APT Protection and Analysis Solution

The product focuses on detection, analysis, adaption and response

Advanced persistent threats (APT) are highly problematic for many organizations. That’s why Trend Micro has unveiled a new product – Custom Defense – designed not only to allow companies to detect and analyze such threats, but also to respond to them.

Custom Defense focuses on four main aspects: detection, analysis, adaption, and response.

First, a specialized threat protection platform monitors the network in search for malicious communications, zero-day malware, and other attacker behaviors.

Once a threat is detected, Custom Defense enables organizations to analyze the attack’s origin, characteristics and the risks it poses. The information is necessary because it can guide the target on how to contain the attack.

In order to protect its network against further hits, the targeted company is aided in creating custom responses, including spear phishing protection and IP blacklists.

In the future, each attack will be assigned a custom signature to make the mitigation process even more rapid.

Finally, the customer receives detailed information on what’s being targeted, how the attack works and even who is behind it.

To ensure the efficiency of Custom Defense, the security company has also enhanced some of its critical software components, including Trend Micro Deep Discovery.

Customers are already looking forward to utilizing the new product.

“Custom Defense is not just a step forward—it is a big leap forward. With the new ‘sand box’ capability of Deep Discovery we can evaluate a suspicious java applet or code snippet and make the right decision,” Andrew McCullough, lead information security architect at G6 Hospitality, explained.

“After all, it is not always the broad-scale threats that represent the biggest danger to our business. Today, it could be a targeted attack—a piece of code crafted just to get at our data. Trend Micro Custom Defense gives us a line of defense against targeted attacks. We can now shut them down quickly.”

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