Trend Micro Highlights Security Fear Factors – Infographic

68% of internauts are concerned about losing the data stored on their computers

What do users fear most when it comes to their online lives? What do they do about their concerns? These are some important questions answered in a study conducted by researchers from Trend Micro.

The figures show that 70% of users feel responsible for protecting their family’s online safety, but in practice, only 40% know how to do so.

Many (68%) fear losing the information on their computers and 71% of internauts are concerned about what children are exposed to in cyber space.

Half of respondents have admitted that they’re concerned with how much of their private information is available on social networks.

On the other hand, 60% of users share personal details such as birthdays and information on family members. Close to half of them don’t change their privacy setting, or they change them only when they’re prompted to do so.

Even more worryingly, 6% are willing to befriend anyone on the internet, even individuals who they don’t know personally.

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