Trayvon Martin Case: Zimmerman Reveals Recent Picture of the Victim

George Zimmerman's defense attorney is asking for a delay and more money

George Zimmerman's defense attorney has managed to obtain a recent picture of Trayvon Martin, after months of delays.

The picture shows how old the teenager that attacked his client was, which is something that previous photos released to the press weren't able to do.

The defendant claims that publishing a picture of a younger Martin influenced the public's opinion in this case. 17-year-old Martin was much taller and better built, he says.

According to WKMG Local 6 Orlando, Zimmerman is also complaining to have run out of money because the prosecution is stalling, making him wait for months at a time before releasing evidence. His defense attorney will be asking for a delay in the trial.

“The state seems to have a bottomless pit as far as the experts and the money they're willing to put forth into the case.

“I would just like to be on equal footing with them and we need a very aggressive defense because of the way the state is viewing this case, the aggressive nature they've taken,” attorney Mark O'Mara states.

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