Trapped Kids Found Dead on North Carolina Construction Site

The bodies of Chloe Jade Arwood and James Levi Caldwell have been located

Emergency crews have located the bodies of the two children declared missing after becoming trapped on a building site in Lincoln County, North Carolina.

As I wrote earlier today, the six- and seven-year-old were playing in the basement of an excavated home when a wall came crashing down on them, blocking them underneath the debris.

After four hours of searching on Sunday, officials announced that they were presumed dead and embarked on a recovery mission.

According to the Hinterland Gazette, they have been identified as Chloe Jade Arwood and James Levi Caldwell.

Their remains have been pulled out from the pit created during construction works on Monday morning.

WCNC detailed that 75 search and rescue operators worked together to retrieve the kids' bodies. Arwood's remains were uncovered first, at 6 a.m., and Caldwell was found an hour later.

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