Transport Tycoon Deluxe Remake OpenTTD 1.4.1 RC Arrives with More Fixes

The latest version of this free game can be downloaded from Softpedia

OpenTTD, an open source simulation game based on the popular Microprose title Transport Tycoon written by Chris Sawyer, has been updated to version 1.4.1 RC.

Transport Tycoon is a very old game that was originally launched back in 1995, but it made such a huge impact on the gaming community that, even almost 20 years later, it still has a powerful fan base. Not only that, but this is one of the few games that sees a growth in the community, which is weird given its age.

The technology and the players' expectations have changed over the years and the original title is behind the times, and this is where OpenTTD project comes into play. This is a remake of the original release (not the one that was remade in 2013) and features numerous options that were not available in the original.

“OpenTTD is modelled after the original Transport Tycoon game by Chris Sawyer and enhances the game experience dramatically. Many features were inspired by TTDPatch while others are original,” reads the official website.

OpenTTD users will see that the open source game stays true to the ideas of the first title, but it also comes with bigger maps (up to 64 times in size), stable multiplayer mode for up to 255 players in 15 companies, a dedicated server mode and an in-game console for administration, IPv6 and IPv4 support for all communication of the client and server, new pathfinding algorithms that makes vehicles go where you want them to, different configurable models for acceleration of vehicles, and much more.

The latest OpenTTD 1.4.1 RC bring numerous fixes and just a few changes. For example, the demand calculation based on tiles has been removed, pkg-config is now used for libpng as well, better distance metric is now being used for the link graph, a crash that occurred when the operating system performs the “paint” callback during window creation has been fixed, the OpenBSD compilation is not working properly, the incorrect usage of strecpy has been fixed, and undefined shifts in NewGRF code have been corrected.

This is a Release Candidate, which means that the game might not be stable enough and players can encounter various problems. This version can be used more for testing than anything else, and users should also pay attention to the save games.

Check out the changelog for a complete list of updates and fixes. You can download OpenTTD 1.4.1 RC right now from Softpedia.

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