Transparent Bubble Furniture: The Solution for an Overcrowded Planet

Cocoon 1 accommodates one person at a time, fits in one's living room

The estimated population growth is a clear sign that our planet is soon to become quite crowded. Once this happens, there will be many who will find themselves wishing that they had some personal space for themselves alone.

Introducing Cocoon 1: a so-called transparent bubble furniture, which accommodates one person at a time and can easily fit into one's living room.

The idea is quite simply: you step inside this bubble and disconnect from the world. Once you get back on your “psychological feet,” you step out of the bubble and it's business as usual.

According to Inhabitat, the Cocoon 1 measures 180 centimeter (about 6 feet) in diameter and comes fully equipped with various modules, some of which even allow you to cook inside it.

Apparently, this plastic bubble will be made available to customers worldwide next fall, and will sell for $2990 (€2,334).

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