Transmission 2.00 Is Faster than Ever

Adds "Local Peer Discovery"

BitTorrent has been great for the Linux community. With distributions coming on many CDs or even more than one DVD, getting all that data to a lot of people can become problematic. With BitTorrent, the bandwidth costs go down to practically zero, while the download speeds go up. But all of this means nothing without a good BitTorrent client.

Enter Transmission 2.00, the latest update to the popular tool. It’s a pretty significant upgrade and the developers tout better performance both of the program and of the downloads themselves as well as several new features to make the lives of the users easier. One of the big new features is the support for Local Peer Discovery, which allows the client to look for peers on the local network. This saves bandwidth and should also considerably improve performance.

Highlights of Transmission 2.00:

· Support for “Local Peer Discovery” for finding peers on the local network to improve download speeds;

· Download requests are adjusted based on the available bandwidth;

· Smarter heuristics when selecting peers to connect to;

· Faster verification of local data;

· Faster startup;

· Support more blocklist file formats;

· Use of IEC standard units (KiB, MiB, GiB) instead of (KB, MB, GB);

· Better handling of 404 tracker errors.


· New filterbar to filter by tracker, private/public, etc. - handy with a long list of torrents;

· A new Compact View, which takes up less space than the Minimal View it replaces;

· The Torrent Options dialog shows up when adding magnet links;

· You can now move multiple torrents at once with the “Set Location” feature;

· The Properties window now fits on low-resolution screens;

· Favicon support in the Properties dialog's Tracker tab.


· The Torrent Options dialog shows up when adding magnet links;

· All active trackers are shown in the tracker display list;

· File sizes are displayed in the file tree;

· Added a confirm dialog when removing torrents;

· Properties and torrent options no longer jump around while editing;

· Allow setting locations for remote sessions;

· Other UI fixes.

Web Client:

· The context menu works with multiple rows selected as well;

· An ETA is displayed for seeding torrents that have a seed ratio set.

Transmission 2.0 is available for download here on Softpedia.

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