Transgear DVX 700 Type II WiFi Media Player

The DivX media player compatible with Google Video

Here's a nice piece of equipment for all digital media enthusiasts: a cool all-media streamer called Transgear DVX-700 Type II. The Japanese company Trans Technology is ready to launch a new network player that can be hooked to any network. This one is not a typical media player. It features a DVD player and a removable internal 3-inch hard disk that can be connected to a PC via USB 2.0 (you can peacefully transfer your data to an optional USB or IDE enclosure for your PC). You can also use Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) to push media content inside.

The DivX media player includes a DVI and a D4 port (both supporting up to 1080i). The player comes in 2 flavors: M10 (not wireless) and the M20 (wireless 802.11 b/g). It runs on a Sigma Design' EM8620L media processor (which is similar to the AveL Link Players launched by I-O Data). The thing will come in two versions: the wireless M10, or 802.11 b/g M20. It can run WMV and WMV HD, MPEG-1/-2, MPEG 4( DivX 11/4.xx/5. xx/XviD),WMV9 video.

The device will also support DVD-ripped ISO image files and MP3, AAC, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV (PCM) audio files. And now the interesting stuff: it even supports Google Video browsing and playback using a USB keyboard and a remote control (and Google will slowly but surely conquer the world). I'm not sure if this is supposed to make it more sophisticated.

It will be big in Japan starting tomorrow. The "string attached" version (M10) will cost 237$ and the wireless M20 will sell for 264 $.

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