TransferJet Near-Field Communication Technologies to Launch at MWC 2013

TransferJet is a thousand times faster than normal NFC

The Mobile World Congress will take place between February 25 and 28, 2013, and it is there that the TransferJet Consortium will reveal new technologies and products.

NFC (near-field communications) are praised for their very high transfer speeds, despite the short range.

TransferJet completely blows NFC out of the water though, with speed rates over 1,000 times faster.

There will be smartphones and tablets with TransferJet cards at the show, as well as conceptual prototypes, chips and components, even cases for mobile products.

USB adapters, SD and SDIO cards from Sony and Toshiba may get special attention as well.

USB dongles incorporating TransferJet functionality might be the missing link needed to enable super-fast data exchange for all smartphones and gadgets.

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