Transcend Releases New MicroSDHC and CompactFlash Cards

The former are Class 10 memory cards, the latter are CF 6.0 compliant

Being a provider of various types of storage devices, Transcend's latest announcement isn't all that shocking, although the release of multiple types of memory cards at once does warrant a bit more recognition than the usual card release.

MicroSDHC memory cards, and all other “micro” cards for that matter, are the sort of storage components that end up used in phones and other small gadgets.

That means they don't have the same capacity range as other cards, simply because they aren't large enough.

Transcend still managed to pack 32 GB in its latest series though. There are, of course, lower-capacity versions, but the 32 GB is the best.

The transfer speed is more than decent as well. Data is read at up to 20 MB/s, while writing is accomplished at 16 MB/s on good days.

Of course, had the performance been any lower, the microSDHC cards would not have earned the Class 10 performance rating.

In addition to phones, DV recorders, digital cameras and portable vehicle navigation systems are ripe proving grounds for the newcomers.

That leaves us with the industrial-grade CF170 CompactFlash cards, and these ones completely outdo the others in terms of both performance and storage space.

The difference in capacity isn't all that massive. 64 GB is just double the maximum of the microSDHC line.

The real superiority of the CF170 is shown in reading and writing. The top transfer speed is of 90 MB/s. Transcend didn't specify the exact read/write performance in its press release, for some reason.

What the company did point out was that the CF170 CompactFlash cards were particularly adept at survival. They even withstand -25°C and 85°C during normal operation. Another asset is the built-in Advanced Power Shield technology, which directly monitors the host power input and prevents data loss in the event of a sudden power outage

Transcend did not say what prices the solid-state memory cards bore.

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