Transcend Intros Memory Card Copy Protection

It allows people to see the content but not duplicate it in any way

Photos and videos caught with a camera can be quite personal, or people may simply decide they don't want others to get their hands on the content for whatever reason.

The problem comes up when someone gets their hands on the memory card used to store them.

Anyone can copy the files off them, and there aren't exactly security protocols defending against such access, unlike the AES encryption on flash drives for instance.

Transcend figured it was time someone did something about that.

Its technology allows users to reserve areas of the memory card as protected memory, which can exhibit behavior like read-only CD emulation and customized device security.

For protected Transcend SD/microSD cards, only the bundled Transcend USB 3.0 RDF5 card reader can unlock the cards.

Copy-protected media can be transferred to the cards as well, for an extra layer of security.

Transcend has yet to release cards featuring the new technology, but it is only a matter of time.

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