Train Crash in Randolph County: Aftermath of Accident That Killed Truck Driver Captured in Photo

It took first responders 30 minutes to arrive at the scene

The driver of a logging truck was killed after smashing into a passenger train in Randolph County yesterday.

Driver Danny Kimble worked for H&H Fisher out based in Pocahontas County. According to WCHSTV, officials are still investigating the cause of the incident. Kimble smashed into the train, making one car flip over and another turn to its side.

Pocahontas Times adds that he had good visibility at the time and all rail crossing warning signals were functioning as they were supposed to.

The accident took place in a remote location, and it took first responders 30 minutes to arrive at the scene.

The Bartow-Frank-Durbin Fire and Rescue department responded to the scene, as did teams from the Cass Fire and Rescue, Marlinton Fire and Rescue, the West Virginia State Police and Randolph County police.

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